Landscape Studies

I want to get better at drawing landscapes. So I’m trying to do a few studies from images I find online a week. These are the first two. Where to find the original image is bellow each study. Original image “Creative Landscapes Photo Contest.” Accessed January 21, 2018. Original Image: “Landscape pictures.” Free … More Landscape Studies

Character Concept

Sorry for not posting for a while. I have been working on things but nothing I can give progress shots of. My house has also been super hectic as we have been doing some building work (which is just finishing up) Because of that. I’ve been doing more paper sketches then digital work recently. This … More Character Concept

Ali Concept Art

A little while ago I posted this sketch. Here is a completed version of the Ali Sketch. Ali: Capital of Daiz Long ago Ali was only a┬ástrategic┬ámilitary outpost. Perched on the unbreakable rocky cliffs. However, as time went on the mages found ways to break and mold the rock into structures. This created the modern … More Ali Concept Art

Animation Storyboard

I went to visit a relative up in Melbourne on Tuesday and got back yesterday, so I wasn’t able to post. This is a story board I produced for an animation I want to do, I want to make it in flash, so I can get my head around the software better.