Handy practice sketches

I apologize for the pun. I have a lot of trouble drawing hands, so I decided to spend some time this week sketching a lot of images of hands. I used my own hand for reference and google image searched ‘Hand’ for other poses. Advertisements

Ali Concept Art

A little while ago I posted this sketch. Here is a completed version of the Ali Sketch. Ali: Capital of Daiz Long ago Ali was only a┬ástrategic┬ámilitary outpost. Perched on the unbreakable rocky cliffs. However, as time went on the mages found ways to break and mold the rock into structures. This created the modern … More Ali Concept Art

Animation Storyboard

I went to visit a relative up in Melbourne on Tuesday and got back yesterday, so I wasn’t able to post. This is a story board I produced for an animation I want to do, I want to make it in flash, so I can get my head around the software better.