More Drabbles

More drabbles

Each of these are based on a three noun prompt I was given out of an online generator. I wrote these fast only going back to edit and spell check them.


Fear, ice-cream, garlic

“It’s good for you they said, it can’t be that bad they said, it’s ice cream they said.”

The rant could be heard from the bathroom as the person sat face over the toilet clutching their stomach.

Garlic flavoured ice-cream.

Never. Again.


Sympathy, planet, tower

Alone the boy sat. Alone in his tower. No one could enter. He couldn’t leave.

Bellow him he could see his whole world.

His whole world that had crumbled away due to disease and famine.

And he was unable to open the door for any of them.


Fear, beer, painting

“It’s… It’s something.” She said as she looked at the work. “What is it called?”

The artist put down their drink and stared at the work. Then she stared at the viewer. The way they looked so unsettled-



Confidence, crow, gondola

The couple watched the bird. At first the crow sat feathers puffed out. But as they rowed further down the river. The creature began to stumble on it’s perch. Finally taking pity on it they stopped to let the bird fly away.

Only to find it settled itself and stared at them. Not just confident but prideful they realised.


Fortune, vast, money

It might have been a vast amount of money, a fortune.

But now they knew you really couldn’t swan dive into it and swim about like Scrooge McDuck.


Despair, forest, money

She had come all this way to find it. Followed the rainbow down into the forest. She wanted that money, the pot of gold.

Now she had it she collapsed on the ground.

For she had realised that money was useless when you were lost and no one knew you were even missing.


Compassion, onion, cockroach

Maybe it was just the tears that came with chopping up an onion but he just couldn’t kill the cockroach. It wasn’t doing anything just standing next to his feet while he cooked.

But he couldn’t leave it.

Carefully he got it into a container and let it out… on the other side of the street.

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