A Bunch of Drabbles

A bunch of Drabbles I wrote. These are all based on prompts from online generators. Most are first line prompts. Also, I just got a bunch of sad/introspective ones. Not sure if that was luck or that was due to the generators I was using.

Tragic mood crusher- Newspaper (59 words)

Easy to rip apart but still there. In her wrinkled hands was the newspaper. Once hidden in a box at the back of the closet, yellow with age.

An accident they had said. Unfortunate event. But because of that accident she was alone.

Finally in the bin it went. Why she held on to it so long, she didn’t know.


Something you lost (27 words)

There was that feeling…

There was something that was gone. But you can’t remember what.

Something was missing. Something was lost.

But what it was you’ll never know.


Is there anything you regret? (31 words)

“Is there anything you regret?”

The man takes a sip of his coffee and looks back at the interviewer.

“Everyone has regrets. You just want to know mine because I’m famous.”


After five years he just happened to be walking down her street? (90 words)

“Huh?” The man said as he realised it. Yes, yes he was. He was in fact walking down the street her house used to be on. He walked past the house and got a good look at it. It was nothing like it used to be. It was white, modern and that giant tree was gone.

He pulled out his phone and texted her.

Hey, your old place looks completely different.

It took a while before she replied.

It’s almost like we sold it and someone else moved in. ETA?


She turned and nearly fell over the bonnet of his car, which was crawling quietly along the street. (80 words)

“Wha-“ The cat let out a mew as the man got out of his car. The cat was big, fluffy and black. She was lucky he was being careful, driving so slow. It looked as if she had been jumping from the roof and hadn’t seen him.

He looked at his car. She had left scratch marks all down it. He turned back to the cat. Perfectly happy and cleaning herself.

“I’m guessing you aren’t going to pay for this?”

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