D and D back story The Bramble Wood

This is another Dungeons and Dragons back story. So, the one I posted last week… I wrote after this. I thought more about it and came up with a different idea for a ranger back story. This could fit a lot of classes depending on how one chooses to play it but the idea is that the character is just a re flavored wood elf.

The Bramble Wood

“There is a place hidden away in our realm.

A place that if you go to you will never return.

Oh, lost to the brambles and the vixen within

A new life is about to begin

Little child now without a name

Lost to the brambles that cannot be tamed.”

The song was accurate Briar the hunter noted. Incredibly so, even if the drunken bar patrons just saw it as a rhyme based on a folk tale. The bard bowed as they finished and played a different tune.

The hunter sat away from the bulk of the patrons, simply there for a meal before she wandered back to the wilds. Her preferred ground. Her meal was simple, meat and vegetables. Things that would give her strength for her next hunts.

Once done she left the inn without a word. She sung the song to herself as she walked.

“There is a place hidden away in our realm” It was almost a whisper. “A place that if you leave you can never return.” Her lips quirked in a slight smile as she changed the words. “Oh, taken from the brambles and the vixen within. A new life must begin. Little child now life is not the same. Taken from the brambles that cannot be tamed.”

As she exited the town and moved back to the forests, she grew calmer. Her ears were no longer lying flat against her head instead they were perked upright though hidden (intentionally) by her hair and decorations. The soft things needed to be hidden or best case scenario she’d be treated with suspicion and unable to trade.

Worse case… Those that treated her with kindness hurt or killed by the mob that wanted the ‘demon’ dead. If hiding her ears stopped that from being a possibility again, then she could deal with being a little uncomfortable.

Her eyes floated upward to the night sky, enjoying the sight of real stars. One of the few true perks of the life she was forced to live. But her mind drifted to the past the life the song brought to mind.

Hidden in the world there was a place called the Bramble Wood. It was the home of an arch fey known as the Vixen. Anyone who entered her realm lost their self (their name, their memories…) and became her servant.

Was it cruel? Perhaps… But there was a reason for the brambles. Thorns. The walls around the Vixen’s home were designed to tell others to not enter. Those who did not heed her warnings were punished.

All except one.

A young man, a handsome hunter. He entered the bramble wood chasing prey. What it was, couldn’t be more irrelevant. The man entered the bramble wood. But he was not lost to it like most.

The Vixen was bored and lonely. She wanted a companion. So, when the hunter entered her land instead of taking his mind she took him. He became her companion, her friend and her lover.

In return he had everything he could dream of… except the ability to come and go as he pleased. Once one left they could not return.

So, he eventually chose to leave the bramble wood.

Why he chose what he did was not something Briar knew. She did know that her mother never treated a companion the same way. She chose from her servants. The older ones that had created new personas. But grew tired of them quickly.

The only person the Vixen truly had time for after that was her daughter. Briar was spoilt, her every whim catered for. Perhaps that was why she was so easily tricked.

She lacked the ability to sense danger, common sense and other necessary things she now had.

For she followed a shadow out of the wood and found she could not find her way back in. The fey laughed at her as it disappeared.

Briar was alone in the world. She was lucky her father taught her his skills because otherwise she would have starved.

But back then money and work had been stories to her. She had to learn quickly how to take care of herself and be practical. Though she never lost her whimsy, she might have hunted small prey for food but tracking the odd beast and ending it’s life held a great deal of fun.

And that was what she now lived for, a full belly, a place to sleep with the view of the sky and fun.

She had stopped looking for a way home a long time ago. If her mother wished to see her she would find Briar herself.

And if you asked Briar what the most perfect prey to hunt would be… She would tell you the shadow that lead her astray.

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