The Little Queen D and D backstory

So this is the backstory to a warlock I made for Dungeons and Dragons.

Hope you guys enjoy it.

The Little Queen

The man looking down at her was smiling. He was older, white hair and soft brown eyes.

His eyes reminded her of her now deceased mother.

“Do you know who I am?” He asked her.

“The king.” She replied with a curtsy like she was told to. At five she didn’t really understand why. He patted her on the head.

“You can call me Uncle Percy.”

“Maeve…” The girl muttered back, a little unsure. The man picked her up then and swung her around.

“Well hello Maeve.” He said as she shrieked with joy.

From that day Maeve sat through lesson upon lesson about how to be a queen. Preparing her for taking the throne one day. But she also had her uncle, who treated her as if she was his own child.

He played with her where he could and did his best to have meals with her. He became more a father to her then an uncle.

One particular day, after lunch instead of lessons he took her down to the depths of the castle.

“Maeve?” He asked the now seven year old. He was holding her hand to make sure she didn’t get hurt climbing down the old stairs in the dim light.

“Yes Uncle Percy?”

“Have you been learning about the great war?” the little girl nodded. Her tutors tended to harp on about it actually. “This castle and our family has existed since then. We are the keepers of the vault and hidden within the vault is the God’s weapon.”

“What’s that?” Maeve tripped and her uncle caught her quickly.

“No one knows. The story goes that Pelor hid it within the vault. So that if ever it was needed it, could be used. But if it was used… That another war would start. Our family descends from not a powerful warrior but a young cleric. They say she served the Raven Queen until realising that… Well… She was not suited to the god.” Uncle Percy laughed. “Quite the rebellious one. She proved herself to Pelor and in return he entrusted her with this burden. She became our first queen.”

By now the two had made it to the bottom of the stairs. In front of them was a round stone door. It was twice as tall as her uncle and had what Maeve later learnt were runes carved into it in a pattern. Uncle Percy let go of her so she could walk towards the door. She pushed her fingers into the groves of some of the runes.

“The only way to open the vault Maeve, is with the wedding rings of our family.” She turned to look at him. “Two keys. One entrusted to someone with royal blood and the other their spouse. The person they trust. Both rings and both people are needed to open the door.”

Maeve looked back at the vault with wonder. It was a several years before she came to truly understand what all that meant.


Maeve met him when she was fourteen. The palace was alive with alarm bells and screaming. As she moved through trying to gain some understanding of what was happening. She instead found dead servants, guards and more questions.

Fire licked at the end of the hall. With nowhere else to go Maeve turned back. She heard a voice then, coming from the flames.

“Little one, come to me. Let me help you.” She could see that in the flames was a figure. They had their hand out towards her. “I can give you everything… and in return I want-“

The figure didn’t finish their sentence. An arm reached around and pulled Maeve to its body. She was now pulled flush against a tall laky boy with a ghostly pale complexion. He couldn’t be more than two years older than her.

“Leave.” He hissed some sort of magical energy crackled away in his other hand. Maeve leaned closer to him. She could tell already tell he was an ally, someone safe. “Or face the consequences.”

The figure laughed but before it could reply a blast of energy left the boy’s hands. It incinerated the figure. He then turned to Maeve, from the reddening of his cheeks it seemed he hadn’t realised how close she was. She now had a good look at his eyes, they seemed iridescent.

“My a-apologies your majesty!” He said pulling away. Maeve gave a nod. “Allow me to assist you in… Leaving this wing?”

“Thank you.”

They made their way out of the house and to the courtyard. The boy stayed near Maeve as the caption of the royal guard (Owain) came towards her.

“Princess, are you alright?”

“I am.” She replied. Taking a good look at him, he was walking with a slight limp. “Thanks to this young man.” The captain turned to the boy and gave him a suspicious look.

“Luce Bell.” The boy held out his hand. “I was traveling with my cousins, but I haven’t seen any of them since the fire broke out.”

“A Bell eh?” the captain took it, he seemed more grim. “My apologies boy. It seems your cousins were amongst the victims of this attack.” The boy’s eyes narrowed.

“The culprit?” Owain shook his head, Luce Bell gritted his teeth. “Allow me to assist you then. I have skill with magic.”

“I do-“

“Allow him.” Maeve spoke up. “Where is my uncle?” Owain moved to lead her away when a soft touch stopped her.

“Thank you.” The boy whispered and let her go. He smiled as he did. But there was more too it then just appreciation.

Over the coming months a plot to take the god’s weapon from the vault was revealed. Luce Bell was at the forefront of the investigation. Once justice was served though instead of leaving he asked for an audience with the royal family. Due to his now favourable reputation he was allowed to dine with them.

“Should we get right to the matter Lord Bell?” Uncle Percy asked as dinner was placed in front of them. The boy gave a nod.

“Of cause your majesty.” He hesitated and took a deep breath. “I am unsure if you are aware of this but I am a bastard.” Uncle Percy looked unsurprised but Maeve had not been aware of this. “As such I have been living on the kindness of my now dead cousins.”

“You have no-one else?” Maeve asked.

“I would prefer a chance to create my own life.”

“And you wish to do it here.” It wasn’t a question. The boy looked embarrassed.

“I have been useful yes? I’m not asking for a title or land. I was more thinking a position on the royal guard.” Maeve’s eyes moved to her uncle who seemed to twitch slightly but covered it by drinking some wine.

“I see…” He said. “I will discuss it with the captain.”

“That is all I ask.”

The rest of the meal was pleasant. After Maeve questioned her uncle about his reaction. Owain was with him and upon an explanation of what had happened the caption’s face grew stern.

“It is not uncommon princess, for young men in Lord Bell’s position to… Place themselves near eligible young woman. Especially ones of a higher standing.” Her cheeks grew red at this and she didn’t reply. “I will say though that Lord Bell has been useful and a gentleman. So I will leave this choice up to you, your majesty.” The last statement was directed to Maeve’s uncle.

The man paused in thought.

“I see no point in turning him away… but no mercy.” With a bow Owain left them. Her uncle turned towards her and gave her a curious look. “Do you have an opinion of Luce Bell?”

Maeve thought of her interactions with the boy. He was polite and a good conversationalist. He wasn’t pushy like other boys have been with her and tended to step in when the need arose. The only time he had touched her more than any other subject would was the night they met.

“I don’t have much more to add.” She replied. Her uncle frowned.

“Funny, he watches you sometimes. A strange look on his face. But then I think he may be the product of a… unfortunate coupling.” At Maeve’s expression her uncle explained. “What I mean is his mother was likely involved with a fey or something of the ilk. If so then he likely feels he has much to prove.”

Several months later an assassination attempt took her uncle’s life. She remembered Luce being on guard that day. When the others looked at her, he held her. The young man later said if he stepped out of line he would take the punishment she felt was necessary.

Maeve asked Owain to keep him on rotation amongst her personal guard.


She was working away in her study (being queen was more work than most fifteen year olds would be used too) when she heard a cough. Looking up she noticed Luce was standing in front of her desk.

“Yes?” She asked.

“I apologise your majesty. But it’s the switching of the guard.” She raised an eyebrow. “You haven’t eaten yet and it is noon. I thought I could grab something from the kitchen for you?” She smiled.

“Thank you Luce but it won’t be needed.” She sighed. “I have to get through these before tonight.” He tilted his head.

“You aren’t usually this… invested in a party.”

“Many of the court’s preferred suiters will be there.” She saw him still. “You have an opinion on them?”

“With all due respect my queen… I will dislike any man that’s your suiter. I will hate any man that has your interest and I will be jealous of the man you eventually take as your husband.” Maeve’s eyes widened. “That is my opinion on them.”

His words surprised Maeve. Luce had never really made an advance on her. But then if she thought about it… He had been loyal to her and taken care of her. In his actions there was a clear intent. While she was lost in thought he had taken his leave.

As the party went on that night Maeve found her eyes searching out his. Easy to find, they were the ones ever changing colours. Eventually giving in she made herself scarce and disappeared into the castle. Where she had a workshop hidden away.

She tinkered away with her little inventions. With a quiet knock he announced his presence.

“I am sorry for causing you-“

“No you aren’t that was the point of it.” She didn’t even turn to look at him. “You didn’t want my mind on finding a husband tonight. You wanted it on you.”

He chuckled.

“You are correct. Can you blame me?” Maeve sighed.

“No I can’t. And I will admit… You have put more effort in than anyone else.” At this point she turned back to him. “But why should I trust you with my kingdom?”

“I don’t want the kingdom I want the queen.” She turned back to hide her red cheeks.

“You didn’t answer my question.” A hand appeared on her shoulder.

“Because Maeve…” He pulled her around so she was looking at him. “I don’t want to rule your kingdom and we enjoy our time together.”


Maeve didn’t forget his words. Though she kept him on her personal guard, she did not have him on rotation alone again. She worked harder in her workshop. She had a love of creating strange little things.

Luce still followed her, was still loyal and still cared. As the year went on he and Owain became her closest companions. She came to believe that at least in some little way Luce did care for her. He would sometimes assist in her duties as queen.

He never spoke about his feelings again but as time went on and she grew closer to her eighteenth year… She noticed the look in his eyes change.

It was slow but he went form just loyal and caring to actively interested in her inventions and interests. He created fireworks from his fingers the night of her birthday because he knew she enjoyed a little fire and chaos.

Luce laughed more often and even began to get along with Owain.

At the same time the courts prodding that she needed a king would only intensify after her eighteenth year. So she was more active in looking. She noticed every time she became closer to a man. Luce became more distant again.

She understood, he had warned her. But it was always the reason she refused a man. Because losing Luce was unbearable now.

One day Maeve decided to do something about it. She called Luce to her apartment alone. He came as quickly as possible.

“Your majesty?” He bowed to her. She had ran through this in her mind, the exact right words… it was gone now.

“Marry me.” Luce stared at her almost unsure and then he laughed.

“You…” He stopped and smiled at her. “It feels like the moment I started just enjoying my time with you became the moment… I hmmm” he looked at her.

“Luce?” She hoped he still wanted her. The man pulled her close.

“Of cause I will Maeve.”


She stared at the screaming bundle in her hands. Her eyes widened as she looked upon her child.

Horns and a tail… skin almost black and eyes solid silver. Teiflings weren’t common in her land but she could recognize one…. How could she give birth to a tiefling?

That was when she felt it. This strange feeling of… something wrong. She steeled herself against it but those around her.

They all stilled. Even the new born child.

Luce came forward and took the child from her arms. He disappeared out of the room. Maeve moved to chase after when suddenly everyone around her seemed to wake up. They pushed her back in to bed with claims of her needing rest.

She cried out for her husband and child. But they stopped her again. This time they explained that the king just wanted a moment with his new son. The cleric casted a sleep spell. He said rest would help her.

When she next awoke she found herself in her bed. The sun was coming through the window. Luce sat in the chair by it. In his arms was a bundle of cloth.

“Luce?” She croaked out. He looked up with a smile and came towards his wife.

“Maeve, how was your rest?” He asked. She didn’t reply but instead moved to take the bundle from him. He gave a chuckle and carefully handed it to her.

She looked upon her son’s face and… His eyes were silver but akin to any other human child. His skin had the same slight olive tone of her own and his hair was the soft dark grey of his father. There were no horns or tail.

This was a human child.

“I already handled his name. Percival like you wanted.” Luce moved onto their bed and wrapped his arms around her. “Little Percy has been impatient to see his mother.”

Maeve knew this was how it should be, maybe how it always had been. The stress of having her first child causing her to see things. It could have also been a vision though.

But what of? That her child would become a monster? She’d never believe that. Luce pulled her closer and whispered sweet things in her ears. About how they would dodge royal duty for as long as possible and be with their son, about stealing desserts and having a midnight feast (just the three of them) tonight.

She had to have been seeing things, so she put it out of her mind.

Except she couldn’t.

Every time Maeve was with her son she could swear she saw a tail or horns… Sometimes it seemed like his eyes were solid silver. Other little things had started catching her notice too.

Servants who’s eyes seemed to glow from the shadows.

A feeling that someone was watching her whenever she was away from Luce.

These little things that made her feel like she was slowly turning mad and that vision was just the first sign.

She found it difficult to sleep, she lost all interest in her food. She couldn’t keep focus on court or even just in her study. Luce took over more and more duties, but that only made the feeling worse.

Finally one day her husband sat himself on the end of the bed and just watched her. She should have been up and moving but instead she lay there. She couldn’t stand another day of feeling like there was something wrong out there. She could hear Percy crying for someone but she couldn’t bear to get up and go to him.

“What do I have to do?” the silence was broken by Luce’s voice. “What do I have to do to make you better?” It was the first time he had asked. Maeve burst into tears.

His arms were around her in a moment. She felt warm, safe… comfortable. She shook the feeling away, finally recognizing it for what it was. A kind of magic. Effecting her mind.

“Stop it!” She screamed, pushing him away. He fell from the bed but caught himself with inhuman reflexes. “Whatever you’re doing to me, just stop it!”

The feeling left.

He stood himself up.

“Are you doing this to me? Making me see things?” his eyes widened.

“What are you seeing Maeve?”

Unsure but unable to keep silent anymore she told him.

“I’m going mad Luce…” She finished with as she sobbed into her hands. He pulled her head up and looked at her with his strange eyes.

“No you aren’t Maeve.” He muttered and took a deep breath. He looked utterly sad. He pulled away from her and left the room. Confused and weak, Maeve stayed in the bed and waited to see what would happen.

Her husband soon returned with their son in his arms. He then whispered something to the boy’s forehead. She watched as her son turned from human to tiefling.


“You saw true.” Luce said softly. “You’ve seen through everything. Maeve I…”

“What are you?” She interrupted him.

“A-” He hesitated. “A very old demon lord. I existed before humans were even… a conceivable thought in evolution’s mind. It’s my blood that made Percy a teifling. I had planned to charm everyone in the room and then cast the spell to make him look human. But you resisted so I had to take him away and cast it.” the creature let out a sigh. “I… It was a weak hope but I had wished you would just forget about it.”

“You’re a demon…”

“Yes, I enjoyed the time we spent together… Perhaps a little too much.” He admitted. She took a long look at her husband. His strange almost glowing eyes, his long body, deathly pale skin and his pointed teeth. Yes there was something inhuman about him but that had never mattered to her, she only now questioned why. “I wanted to stay with you until your lifetime ended… Maybe even find you afterwards.” He smiled to himself. “Eternity together.”

“You… That’s why you are here?” he hesitated again.

“No, it’s why I stayed… Instead of taking what I wanted and leaving.”

“So what is it you wanted?” She looked at Percival. The baby seemed completely unaware of the topic and was instead creating bubbles with his spit. Maeve had a feeling, she knew what Luce was going to say.

“I never needed your kingdom… I needed you. I needed you to marry me and assist me in opening the door to the vault.” Just as Maeve had suspected, she stared at her child.

“I am not going to help you.” He grabbed her hand.

“Not by choice, I know that. Why do you think I am still here? I got myself in this situation because I gave into temptation. Life with my human wife over my greater goal.” He kissed her fingers. “Please Maeve, let this be. Pretend Percy is a human and love him. Ignore that I have my own people here to protect you, that they would seem a little strange. Be mine and I will take care of you, our son and your kingdom till the end of time.”

“And if I say no?” Because Maeve knew you should never make deals with demons.

“I’ll keep offering till you take it.”

“That’s all?” It had caught her off guard. She wasn’t a complete fool. She understood that Luce was something very powerful. Usually things like that don’t take kindly to a no.

“I have eternity to wait.” He gave a shrug. “I am patient. But also I would never force you and I can’t harm you.”

“So what would you do if I walked out that door and took my wedding ring with me?”

“I would let you and take care of your kingdom until you returned to me. If you die then I will find you in whatever part of the afterlife you go to.” A bitter sweet smile appeared. “You may find yourself thanking me for that. The final resting place of a woman who married a demon… will not be pleasant.”

She stood and walked to her dressing room. She looked at her husband and child. She honestly didn’t know what to feel.

“I can’t stay.” She said. “Not when you admitted you are here for the vault. I can’t let you get a hold of this half of the key.” Maeve pulled at her wedding ring.

He didn’t move to stop her leaving.

“Remember Maeve. I may not be able to harm you out of love. But you are the same.” He said as he looked at her. “We are at a stale mate. So why not just go back to the way things were?”

She didn’t speak. He sighed.

“Then I’ll go and sort out a few things. I expect you will be gone before I return.” As he walked past he pulled her into a kiss. “Don’t forget. I am waiting for your return.”

He was correct. She wouldn’t stay. For the first time in a while she picked up her son. Looking at him, he was completely innocent in this. She kissed his forehead.

“You are the most beautiful baby in the world. Especially without the illusion.” She told him. His tail whipped back and forth and he giggled. She was tempted to stay, to pretend. But she couldn’t risk her kingdom, her people deserved a queen who put them above herself.

She had to leave. Perhaps she could return once the ring was destroyed. With only one half of the key the vault could never be opened.

She looked at her baby.

“I’ll come back one day.” She vowed. She didn’t say what she would do when she did. After all she didn’t know.

She packed her things and left quickly. Feeling the eyes of Luce’s people following her every step until she left the capital city behind.

As Maeve moved through her country and out of it, she still at times felt that same unease. It was clear Luce’s eyes still followed her… In a strange way it was a comfort.

Maeve attempted to destroy the ring in various different ways, including throwing it into a volcano. However no matter what she did, she would wake up the next morning with the simple band of gold around her finger once again.


She found she had powers, magic. Something she had never had before. But it made sense.

Marriage was a contract and she had married a demon.

She hoped that these powers, along with her other skills would help her destroy the ring. Then she would return to her kingdom and accept whatever fate awaited there.

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