My RTX Sydney Experience


Saturday the 3rd and Sunday the 4th of February. I was a guardian at RTX Sydney 2018. Which for people who don’t know, is like a convention for Rooster Teeth (the guys who make Redvs Blue and RWBY). I worked in Exhibition services.

The big part of Exhibition services was being there before everyone else to help set up and be there after everyone leaves to clean up. The rest of the time we ran around looking for work.

Or sleeping. There was a lot of napping going on near the tail end of the day. We also drank a lot of chamomile tea in the attempt to soothe our throats. After having to yell over crowds at one and other or to get said crowd’s attention.

That didn’t mean it wasn’t fun. It was great to go to an event where everyone had this one thing in common. But even then, because Rooster Teeth content is so diverse… We all liked different things about it (sorta like going to a baking convention because you like cookies and talking to someone who likes cakes).

RTX Sydney was a pretty crazy and exhausting experience but it was also fun and I would definitely be a guardian again!

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