Ali Concept Art

A little while ago I posted this sketch. Here is a completed version of the Ali Sketch.

ali concept art.jpg

Ali: Capital of Daiz
Long ago Ali was only a strategic military outpost. Perched on the unbreakable rocky cliffs. However, as time went on the mages found ways to break and mold the rock into structures. This created the modern Ali. With its thick walls, hiding the civilian sectors. The military and politically important areas sit toward the back, sharing a large private harbor.
Originally the large structures on the walls were a strange combination of look outs, light houses and mage towers. Originally a physical symbol of the unity of the citizens of Daiz. However, after the war the mage towers were shut down. Only Drake’s tower, sitting nestled within the civilian sector is still active. The cylindrical building is now only used to train youths to control their powers.

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