Aldrich Stories: Amethyst Oak

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This story is a part of Aldrich Stories. You can find the other stories here.

Amethyst Oak

Amethyst Oak woke up every morning with a start. It was always just the sound of her brother getting ready to go to work.

So, she got up and dressed. Leaving her shoe box sized room, she headed into the kitchen and started putting breakfast together.

“Amie?” Ben yawned. His hair sticking to his head wet from the shower. He was in his uniform pants and a t-shirt. “Thanks.”

“I’m up anyway.” Her younger brother sat down, rubbing sleep out of his eyes. He just frowned at her but instead drank the coffee she had prepared.

“You’re too used to this.” He muttered.

“Says the boy who just walked in, sat down and drank coffee. What will you do the day I get my own apartment?” She joked, as much as she knew she should be aiming for one. The idea of leaving her little brother to his own devices was not appealing.

Amethyst had been on the side lines during the Black War. Hiding in Drake’s tower while Ben and their parents were detained. All because her twin… Got mixed up with the wrong crowd.

So especially since her little brother ended up in a super-secret military organisation. Amethyst was going to be the doting/perpetually worried big sister. There was the added fact that the pair of them were the only family they had left.

Ben having finished his first cup of coffee, shook himself out and went to his room to get the rest of his uniform on. She served up their breakfast.

When he returned, she poured the second cup.

“I really do love you sis.” He said as he took a sip.

“So, what are you doing today?” She asked. Her brother stared down at his breakfast.

“I am going to attempt to apologise, to someone for something I said. Granted I don’t see him forgiving me.”

“Type to hold a grudge?” Amethyst sat down and started digging into her eggs and bacon.

“I think he might be. I also think I struck a serious nerve.” Ben frowned and started eating his breakfast.

“You know little brother… If you need me out for a night, just say.” Sadly, Ben was very difficult to embarrass. Instead of splattering coffee everywhere he just raised an eyebrow as he sipped.

“I really do not feel like adding office romance to the ever-growing list of things keeping me up at night.”

Both of them were not that good at sleeping anymore.

“Is he cute?”

Another sip as Ben seemed to be thinking about it.

“Cute probably does suite him, I guess. He’s shorter than me with red hair and freckles.”

Another sip.

“The only part of the uniform he wears is the jacket and even that…” Ben shook his head. “It’s not like he’s wearing his own style. He’s the little kid acting out.”

“Ahh…” Amethyst got it in a second. “He reminds you of Anaika.” He nodded. Ben stood up and took the plates from the finished meal away. “I’ll clean up. You need to finish getting ready for work.”

“What’s you shift looking like today?” He asked as he loaded the dishwasher. Ignoring her statement.

“Lunch.” She said. Finishing her own coffee.


The moment Oak entered the break room. Darts was on his shoulder. The boy heard a laugh and spotted Dean Rivers (one of Chaos’s commanders) chuckling to himself.

“Never seen a familiar take to someone so quick.” Quake who was sitting reading a book whistled. Darts leaped off Oak’s shoulder and spread his legs out. He seemed to glide to his mage’s chest and in one movement was curled up tail to nose on the boy’s stomach.

“Coffee machine’s out.” Quake said, pointing to the sign.

“Yeah, saw earlier. My sister tends to send me to work with a take away cup anyway.” Oak stayed in the doorway unsure how close he should get. “I was actually looking for you Quake.”

The boy just blinked and stared. Rivers made himself scarce.

Darts raised his head and looked between the pair. His gaze held on Quake longer. Oak wondering if Darts was saying something.

With a sigh Quake put down the book.


Oak took a deep breath.

“I’m sorry, I should have thought more before I said something after the fight.”

“Huh… Yeah maybe. That’s it?”

Oak’s eyes widened.


“Let me guess Baker said something?”

The other boy just nodded.

“Yeah he does that… Heh… I mean he spoke to me too.” There was a pause. “He said I shouldn’t let my anger get the best of me. That you might not have meant it as an insult.”

“I didn’t. I-“ Oak stared at his hands frustrated “Look!” Oak held his hands out in front of his face as if that would help get the words out. “I grew up with two sisters. Both had magic -I mean everyone in my family except me is a mage- but one of my sisters Anaika was really powerful.”


“She died during the war.”

“Oh… Sorry.”

“It was her own fault.” Oak explained. “She was… A Raven’s Kin.” He shook his head. “I watched her struggle with her magic and didn’t say a word… so without thinking I just-“

“I get it.” Quake said, he stood up. “Apology excepted but I’ve got to go.” The boy took his book and headed out of the room.

Oak’s phone went off as he did. It was a message from Amethyst.

On break hows it going?


I think I just made it worse.

Quickly another message appeared.

I mean, I xplained and he just left.

Anther quickly followed.


Her heart went out to her little brother.

Ill bring leftovers home we can talk

She went back to eating her sand wedge. Her phone vibrated on the table a few moments later, for a longer than just a single message.

I guess, yeah.

I suck at talking to people.

No seriously, I suck at talking to people.

She smiled to herself.

Relax im sure he appreciated the apology

No reply came.

She kept an eye on her phone her whole break. But no new reply came through. Amethyst took her plate to the back and took a deep breath. She needed her work smile on, not her slightly worried about Ben because he seems a bit down frown.

She headed back out into the restaurant.

“Handle the register for me?” One of the other girls (daughter of the owner) asked as she grabbed some orders from the counter by the kitchen. Amethyst nodded and headed over.

A girl was waiting at the till.

“How can I help you?” Amethyst asked.

“A skinny cappuccino and a slice of the black forest cake.” The girl said with a smile back. “Take away.”

Amethyst went to grab the cake.

“Don’t blame you for wanting some of this. Took all of my self-restraint not to take a slice.” The girl laughed.

“Yeah…” The girl didn’t seem up to keep talking about the cake. “So, anything interesting happening in Ali?”

“New to the city?” Amethyst asked.

“More like only visit so often to check on someone.” The girl shrugged. “Wanted to know if there’s anything I should check out.”

“Pretty normal at the moment.” Amethyst thought for a moment. “There’s some talk that one of the towers might reopen.” She headed over to get the girl’s coffee.

“Huh…” The girl said watching her work. When Amethyst headed back to the register, the girl had the cash prepped before she could even ask how she wanted to pay. “Thanks.”

“Hope you and your friend enjoy catching up.”

“Yeah…” The girl said in a strange melancholy tone.

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