Advanced Diploma of Professional Game Development (Game Design), AIE- Major Production Project: Wordpool

Game – Wordpool

The game is designed as an exploratory art piece for use in a gallery.

Game Objective – Each level is inspired by a different artist (in this case Salvador Dali). At the start of the level the player is given a sentence, for example “Around me are…”. The player then explores the level to find an object such as a rose or a clock and pick it up. They then travel back to the Wordpool and throw the object in.

Once this is done the player is given a new sentence to complete in the same way as before. With each new object thrown in the Wordpool the level changes to create a new world.

Project Team – The game was a concept that I prototyped as a solo project and then coordinated a team to create a more realised version. I worked in a team with Jarrod Bandtock (Game Design), Tom Turner (Game Art), Josh Bywater (Game Art), Bryan Carney (Game Programming) and Adam Schmidt (Game Programming).

Level screenshots bellow.


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