Mighty No 9: Here’s a Positive.

If you want to know where I’ve been, check out my previous post.

So Mighty Number 9 came out… And here’s a little disclaimer for you. I did not back the Kickstarter and I did not grow up with Classic Megaman. To me Megaman was the NT Warrior tv show. However due to my love of the Brain Scratch Comms group on Youtube I’ve been getting more into Megaman as I’ve gotten older.

So I had interest in Mighty No 9 (and I was hopeful) but I wasn’t as invested as others were.

My thoughts on the game? Spoilers for Mighty No 9 from here on out!

The game has its issues but there are some good things about it. I mean I love the main theme but the thing I didn’t expect?

That I’d really like Professor White.

I mean how can you not love a man with an afro like that?

Moving on… Seriously guys spoilers for DLC and main campaign.

Professor White is pretty much the main character of the story. By this I mean the game is Beck going around saving his siblings and beating the final boss. However the story itself is a little bit more complicated.

The story is about a young scientist trying to fix a pretty nasty bug. White built a robot (Trinity) capable of self upgrading by eating xels (the robot equivalent of cells in a human body.) One problem, there was nothing telling this robot to STOP.

He also created the DLC character Ray. It’s implied that he was closer to her then he seems to be with any other robot he created. Which is interesting since she predates all the robots the player sees White interact with (which hints that Ray may be why). Ray is also being driven to eating other robots just to survive a few more moments as she madly searches for him.

Two prototypes both have bugs. Usually this would be fine… Except White’s kind of making a weapon, a really dangerous weapon. Seriously, this is like a time traveler showing up with a machine gun that fires mind control bullets. In a time where everyone else has pointy sticks.

So the guy kept working and created a program which improves robots AI. They have more personality, the ability to choose and make ethical decisions (they can even learn and grow from this). So when Beck (who has this program) went against those other robots, he was able to save them. Though in Ray’s case… it was short lived.

So Professor White saved the day! Except as pointed out by his father, really all he did was clean up his own mess… the mess that got said father imprisoned. Yeah this isn’t the first time this happened. Professor Will White then Bill Blackwell is the son of his previous work place’s CTO. He created Trinity while he was there and another one of the Brass activated it. It was his father who stopped Trinity and due to the cover up ended up in prison.

Needless to say they don’t see eye to eye.

So some of you might be thinking that Mighty Number 9 is a redemption story right? White created Trinity but later created Beck to solve the problem.

Yeah… He didn’t learn his lesson at all… Hell, he gets the same lesson thrown in his face several more times during the game. His best friend (also a scientist) praises him for his designs… as they attack Beck during the game. One of the levels is running through a building dodging sniper fire as you look for said sniper robot. White’s dialogue clearly shows how bad he feels because he created something amazing and now its hurting people… So what’s the resolution then?

He solved the problem but as foreshadowed by the after credits scene, he may have created more problems by giving robots this new ability. Because for all the Becks who just want to take care of their family there only needs to be one robot that decides they like murdering everyone for this to go to hell.

He’s so focused on revolutionizing his field of study he’s not stopping to put down some safety nets. He just hasn’t learned at all. I’ve seen people question if he is a villain and I think the question is more… Is he going to end up one?

So why do I like his character so much? Other then the fact I can write 700 words about him? It’s because for all Mighty Number 9’s faults I’m actually invested in seeing how Professor White’s journey ends.

But seriously that afro.



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