Concept art experiment

I’ve been getting way to excited (and impatient) waiting for Fire Emblem fates. So I got to thinking about tactical rpgs and came up with a concept for a science fiction one. The game would have been split into three sections childhood (8), teenager (14) and adult (20). It would have five classes in total (the core master class is restricted to the main character, which would be a choice of male or female). Part of the game would be resource management but it would be relationship management with being a jerk actively causing people to leave.

The game is way too ambitious for me to make at this stage so instead I made a personal assignment out of it.

Basically I had to draw each character as how they would look at each stage of the game as well as how their avatar would look. This would all be pretty early concept work as once I had a working design I moved on to the next drawing (instead of spending days redrawing the character till they were perfect.)

I thought it would be a good way to loosen up, get better at rendering and force me to draw some really different looking characters (instead of the three different designs that I knew would look good).z'hall cast


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